How to buy quality mailing lists for your business

When your company is buying mailing lists to help make mass mailings and telemarketing more effective, it's important that you find a reputable list broker to deal with.  Good mailing list brokers can greatly improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by creating mailing lists for your company that include only the portion of the population that fits your business's demographic.  For mlm companies, for instance, buying mailing lists that contain only people involved in network marketing is a good idea.  Good list brokers can provide companies with the mailing lists that best suit their marketing needs.

Buying mailing lists from a broker that can provide you with easy access to them is important.  Good brokers offer a number of different ways in which you can access your mailing list files.  They can be shipped in the form of pre-printed mailing labels or on diskettes or CD-ROM, or they can be sent via e-mail attachment.  A dial in bulletin board system provides extra convenience, since you can download your files directly from that location.

One of the things good mailing list brokers do is offer their clients special services.  A particularly popular service is the National Change of Address (NCOA) service since it provides a way to update any addresses within a database that are incorrect (as a result of a recent move).  Over 40 million Americans and Canadians move every year, so having the option of using the NCOA service before your database is sent to you is pretty important.

Good brokers offer other special services as well.  Data conversions allow clients to place new list orders in any specified format at no additional cost.  "Deduping" is a process that eliminates duplicate records from a database.  And data appending makes it possible to add specific data elements to an already existing database in order to increase its effectiveness!
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